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Ithaca's 28 Gauge Model 37 Shotgun in 'AAA' Grade

Why buy an Ithaca?

The answer is Simple. Ithaca Gun is committed to making the finest guns from the finest materials right here in America.  They use modern precision CNC machines to the closest of tolerances.  The receiver is machined from a solid block of Steel or alloy, Every part is forged and machined and no part is made of stamped sheet steel.  The result is a gun that starts out tight and stays tight.  Their innovative solderless rib system allows the factory to attach the rib without the use of heat.  The lugs are directly machined from the barrel stock.  This means the shooter has the strongest truest barrel made and if the rib ever damaged, it can be replaced quickly and easily without damage to the barrel.  The stocks forends are made of the finest Black walnut and are available from "A" to "AAA" grades.  They employ ultra precise laser cut checkering for a sure grip and fine feel. 

The barrel of the Deerslayer II and III are screwed into the receiver, similar to a fine bolt action rifle, to eliminate barrel movement and to maintain Ithaca's Legendary pinpoint accuracy. 

The Beautiful 28 gauge handles and carries like a sub-gauge, but maintains the feel like a full sized shotgun.  When you put an Ithaca to your shoulder, the finely crafted stock puts you in the perfect shooting position. 

From the days of the original double barreled Baker Hammer guns to the modern pump Model 37, no other gun points like an Ithaca.
Ithaca is committed to customer satisfaction and producing the finest products with the best materials money can buy.   You can even have your Ithaca custom engraved by expert craftsmen to make it as individual as you are.

Jim Caron Writes-

"Ithaca's are not throwaways.  They are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime of hunting and shooting pleasure, to be passed from father to son.  I still have my father's Model 37, which was made in the late '50's and it functions and looks as well as the day he got it.  A Model 37 is as much an heirloom as it is a quality shotgun."

Yes, you can pay less for another brand, but it is not an Ithaca.

Made in America and still made the same way as they always have.

Old Ithaca Logo

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The Special Edition Model 37 28 gauge Shotgun is built on a special design scaled down version of the model 37 receiver, making it light to carry and fast to handle.  The 28 Gauge is available by special order only and can be ordered with either 26" or 28" barrel lengths and avariety of grades, from "A" grade to "AAA" grade.  Since These are special order only, there is a  lead time (depending on grade) on all orders for one of these fine shotguns.  Please call for more information and we'll be happy to help you out.


The M37 has gained the reputation of being an easy gun to handle and point, and its reliable bottom-eject action has long made it a favorite of both right and left handed shooters. At the new Ithaca Gun Company, they have brought a previously unknown level of precision and strength to the venerable Ithaca pump gun.


Many deer hunters spend their time stalking their quarry through the woods and waiting patiently in a deer stand. The Deerslayer II is equipped with fiber optic (Marble Arms®) rifle sights for shots through the leaves and briars but is also drilled and tapped for the Weaver #62 rail so that you can mount the scope of your choice. The barrel is rifled 1:28, which is optimal for a wide variety of ammunition. The gun is available in 12 and 20 gauge.


When you are standing at the edge of a wide field where a large buck appears out of nowhere, you'll be happy that the Deerslayer III is your slug gun of choice. Called a "laser beam" by one prominent gun writer, the DSIII is built upon the classic Model 37 action and uses a fluted heavy-walled rifled barrel to produce its impressive results. It's rifled 1:28, so many brands of slugs perform well through the DSIII. The gun is available in 12 and 20 gauge.


The Ithaca Model 37 TurkeySlayer was built from the ground up to be the finest turkey hunting shotgun made.  First They took the famous and venerable Model 37 action for strength and durability, added a barrel that is screwed into the receiver in the mode of a fine bolt action rifle for reliability and accuracy, attach a Briley vented and extented Extra Full choke tube for the extra tight patterns the turkey hunter required, and fitted this gun with a set of Marbles Brand Sites for pinpoint shooting.  Finish it off with either a matte black finish and synthetic stock or a high quality camo finish for the most adverse hunting conditions and you have the Ithaca turkeyslayer shotgun.   No other turkey shotgun can match the quality, precision and reliability of the TurkeySlayer.  You'll spend all day calling Toms with the confidence that you'll have the right tool for the job.

Price: $759

Camo Finish:  Add $100

Thumbhole Stock:  Added $100

Left Hand Safety Available at no extra cost

Please note: We don't not sell shotguns over the web. Please contact us by emailing us at or call 781-820-7583, as we can work with you to get one of these fantastic shotguns.


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