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Ithaca's 28 Gauge Model 37 Shotgun in 'AAA' Grade

Raven Gunsmith is proud to Sell Ponsness/Warren reloaders.  PW is world renown for their speed, precision and durability.  Every part that goes into a PW reloader is precision machined from the finest materials to the tightest tolerances insuring the hunter and target shooter the best possible reloads. 

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The 800 Plus progressive reloader is equipped with the star gear, index pad, main index gear, etc., giving that "click" when the machine is indexed.

The most notable feature 800 Plus is the quick-changing tooling kits. Since the 800 Plus does not have a center shaft, these tooling kits are installed in a tool head, allowing you to convert to another gauge in under 5 minutes and without the need to re-adjust any of the crimping stages.  This makes the 800 plus especially popular amongst hunters, skeet and sporting clays shooters. 

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