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Ithaca's 28 Gauge Model 37 Shotgun in 'AAA' Grade
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Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight

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Weight: 20 lbs

The M37 has gained the reputation of being an easy gun to handle and point, and its reliable bottom-eject action has long made it a favorite of both right and left handed shooters. At the new Ithaca Gun Company, they have brought a previously unknown level of precision and strength to the venerable Ithaca pump gun. The Model 37 Featherlight is available in 12, 20 and now 16 gauge.  Please consult the table below for specifications.

The new Model 37 Featherlight features

  • Receiver is machined from a single block of steel
  • Solderless Barrel System (patent pending): strongest, truest barrel of any shotgun
  • A lengthened forcing cone to reduce recoil and shot deformation
  • Crisp 4.5-6lb. trigger pull
  • The classic game scene engraving
  • Choke threads that are machined true and straight (Briley Chokes)
  • Fancy black walnut stock and forend
  • Available with or without a vented rib


The Ithaca Model 37 upland shotgun sets itself apart from the pack in this crucial way: It has absolutely no soldering or other heat-induced joints.   The revolutionary Ithaca SBS (Solderless Barrel System) vent rib barrel (patent pending) is the straightest, strongest barrel you can get because it is entirely a machined component--that means the barrel has never warped from heat and it does not require any corrective straightening. The attachment of the vent rib to the barrel is accomplished with a single screw, allowing easy replacement. This approach to barrel making also allows us to use a better grade of steel than what is commonly found on shotguns.  This also also for easy replacement should the rib become damaged for some reason or if the shooter wants another type of sighting plane from which to shoot.

PRICE: $919.00


"AA" Grade Stock:  add $175

"AAA" Grade Stock:  Add $350

Monte Carlo Adjustable Comb: Add $300

Trap Rib Options:  (12 ga only) 60/40 or 70/30: $275

Left Hand safety no additional Charge

Please note: We don't not sell shotguns over the web.  Please contact us by emailing us at or call 781-820-7583, as we can work with you to get one of these fantastic shotguns. 


Featherlight  Features
Features Benefits
3" Chamber Shoot 2 3/4" or 3" shotshells
Solderless Barrel System (SBS) vent rib barrel (patent pending) available in 26", 28", and 30" lengths. Strong and straight
Lengthened Forcing Cone Reduces recoil and shot deformation
Truglo® front sight: Red High visibility fiber optic sights
3 Briley choke tubes: full choke, modified (installed), and improved cylinder. Wrench included. Steel shot capable; superior patterning
 Matte blued steel receiver, barrel, and trigger group. The Classic game scene engraving is standard. Top radius of receiver is matte finished for aesthetic appeal and glare reduction
Gold-plated trigger resists corrosion
Fancy black walnut semi-pistol butt stock "A" Grade Wlanut Standard.  See below for stock specifications
Slim grip checkered forend in matching walnut Comfortable shooting
Pachmayr 752 Decelerator® Recoil Pad~black Chosen for its superior kick-reducing properties
5 shot capacity (4+1) with red safety follower and duck plug maximum capacity while staying legal

Featherlight Specifications
Gauge Weight Length of Pull Drop at Comb Drop at Heel Overall Length
12 Gauge 7.4 Lbs 14.25" 1.4" 1.6" 45.6" with 26" barrel; 47.6" with 28" barrel; 49.6 with 30" barrel
16 Gauge 7.4 Lbs 14.25" 1.4" 1.6" 45.6" with 26" barrel; 47.6" with 28" barrel; 49.6 with 30" barrel
20 Gauge 6.8 Lbs 14.25" 1.4" 1.6" 45.6" with 26" barrel; 47.6" with 28" barrel


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